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How Much Weight Do You Feel You Need to Lose?

  • A. Less Than 10 lbs
  • B. 10-20 lbs
  • C. 20-50 lbs
  • D. More Than 50 lbs

Have You Tried To Lose Weight Before?

  • A. Yes, I Tried to Workout at Home.
  • B. Yes, I Used to Have a Gym Membership.
  • C. Yes, I've Bought Supplements Before.
  • D. Yes, I've Bought Workout Programs Before.

If Given a Guaranteed Weight Loss Solution, Would You Use It?

  • A. Yes, Depending What is Involved.
  • B. Yes, I'll Try Anything Once.
  • C. Yes, I've Been Wanting to Get Started
  • D. Yes, I'll Do Whatever It Takes.

How Ready Are You To Start Losing Weight?

  • A. I'm Ready And I'll Get Started As Soon As I Get The Time.
  • B. I'm Ready, I Just Don't Know What to Do.
  • C. I'm Ready And Needed to Start Yesterday.
  • D. I'm Ready and Already Started.

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